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Copied from main page: Thanks Vander et al

Syndicate Server FAQ

Q: I fly around for ages and I can't find anyone..
A: Although we only use a small portion of the map for our missions, it can still be quite large. So if you fly in the wrong section of the map (not where subtitle or icons tell you to go) you may find no-one around.Here are some tips:
- You may be flying too low and enemy is above you high.
- You may be flying too high and everybody is flying low.
- In some missions objectives are given by subtitles, sending both forces to certain places of the map to ensure enemy contact. Follow them when you see them.
-Try to map a key to change the Field of View ("zoom: ) so you can search for enemies. Usually, distant AAA bursts are the first sign of an aircraft approaching.

Q: The Flak is much too accurate, I get killed almost every sortie!
A: "Flak" is not really a WW1 word, we like to call it "Archie" or Anti Aircraft Artillery. :) The AAA over the lines can be quite intense. This is to simulate the danger when flying low over the lines. We can't add hundreds of machine guns in one mission because of performance reasons, so AAA is used as deterrent.
If you stick to the rules, AAA will not be a problem: 1. Cross the lines at 1500 m or higher. 2. When crossing the lines, don't fly just behind and below a friendly. There is a big chance that AAA this is firing at the guy in front of you hits you instead. AAA is not accurate when flying high, but it is consistent in it's inaccuracy. 3. Don't dogfight close to an AAA site. Because you keep circling in a small area, the AAA will get you in the end. 4. Don't go dive bombing on well defended targets at low level in a bomber, you are going too slow for that. Practice to level-bombing from altitude.

Q: The missions don't last long enough. Just after I have taken off I see the message "30 min left"
A: Missions on the Syndicate server typically last for 4 hours. This should give you time enough to try to simulate a real mission. We consider the map rotation as an opportunity to fly different scenarios and planesets in one afternoon of flying, meaning more possibilities that your favorite plane is in the mission. 30 min. before the mission ends you will be warned so you should have enough time to complete your sortie.

Q: The plane sets are not balanced, how am I supposed to shoot down an Allied plane if they are all faster than my plane?
A: Our missions usually feature historical plane sets. This means only pane types that were active on a specific date and in a specific location are used in a mission. In general, German scouts and two-seaters tend to be slower than their Allied counterparts. This is just how it was, try to adjust your tactics and use team work to negate the performance difference.

Q: The Server is not balanced. When I join I see twice as much players on X side than on Y side.
A: There is no mechanism available to force balanced sides, number wise. Usually things even out within 15 minutes or so.

Q: Why are fuel settings locked?
A: When fuel loads are not locked, players tend to go for maximum performance by flying with very low fuel (5-10 %) which we consider unrealistic and gives too much of an advantage in a dogfight. We try to reproduce realistic scenario's. Increasing fuel load also tends to decrease huge differences in performance and maneuverability.
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