RIP Luis Salom

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RIP Luis Salom

Postby SYN_Haashashin » Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:03 pm

Today is a sad day for us Spanish sport fans.

Luis Salom, a young spanish star died today driving his Moto2 bike at Cataluña Circuit. He was 24 :cry:

At first there was no video of the accident but its now on youtube and all over the spanish media. Warning, not easy to see if you ride bikes (I regret having seen it). It seems his brakes fail and couldnt brake enought at turn 12 (the turn is made at around 150Km/h so he probably was making 300+ before starting to break). That turn has a small asfalt escape zone and no gravel on the zone he went straight.


:cry: :cry:
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Re: RIP Luis Salom

Postby SYN_Blackrat » Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:24 pm

"They say that just before you die, your whole life flashes in front of you. Make sure it is worth watching."
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Re: RIP Luis Salom

Postby SYN_Jedders » Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:44 am

I was in Palma this week and saw the local bikers parade in respect of this guy. 1000 bikes make some noise.
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