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Postby SYN_Bandy » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:48 am

SYN_Skydance wrote:I got this ages ago but got bored with asking the characters loads of questions (it's not my thing) I just wanted to jump straight into combat. I think the highlight of this for me was when I got the horse stuck in a villagers house :lol: ...

You can do that, jump straight into combat that is, or into a peasant's house with yer horse. Just find the training camp with the sword master. I'm hoping they improved the sword play mechanics as many have complained it is an overly complex interface -- precision-timed multiple key board inputs to be able engage special attacks like parry-repost. I mean really, a mouse button to block/parry and another to attack, it should be so simple.

As far as the role-playing and talking to NPC's on the quest, well if not yer thing, afraid you may have got the wrong game...

15) If you could say something to the fans of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, what would it be?
Continue to stay as positive as you are and hang in there, we're almost finished! We thank you for your feedback. It is very encouraging to know somebody out there is caring about the work we do!
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