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For Honor

Postby SYN_Skydance » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:12 am

I tried this with the closed beta access last week and it could be a lot of fun if played with friends. Wolfie and I tried to join each other but have since discovered that that bit was broken at the time. For those that missed it, they are running an open beta from the 9th~12th Feb.

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Re: For Honor

Postby SYN_MrWolf » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:08 am

I loved the game. It was deep enough to get me playing it for a long while. It looks amazing I think. Though it's probably something I would pickup when the prize lowers. In Europe its around 59 Euros, which is expensive if I don't play it often enough.

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Re: For Honor

Postby SYN_Bandy » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:51 am

I think these are pretty objective reviews, echo some things Wolfie says, adds others... Might be good with more time in dev and feedback?
As someone who spend 20 hours on the open beta and have the game, here is my opinion so far, after another 18 hours on the game on and off since release.

The combat is fun, 1v1 and if you don't lag, like it's the BEST combat I have felt in years, with all the depth that goes into it, the 1v1 can be very tense because it actually feels like a duel between 2 master warriors, each waiting for the other to make the first strike(or if you play as the nobushi class, you want to actively keep the enemy out of your zone by making the first strike). However in all other game modes aside from 1v1, you always ending up 1v2, 1v3, 1v4, and it's not fun because the game goes from a tense duel as 2 warriors slowing circle each other to a slug fest where you are getting hit from all directions.

But for a $60 price tag AND microtransactions, the game is just not worth it. Honestly you are better off waiting 2-3 month for the price to drop down to like $30, because that's what this game is, it's a $30 game. It doesn't offer enough stuff to justify a $60 price tag.

- beautiful graphics
- sexy combat with a ton of depth
- sounds of weapon clashing feels good, believable
- characters look real, no half naked ninja women with double D cups exposed fighting with their ass bouncing all over the place, the warriors look historically accurate and they dress as such as well
- the bots are NOT easy, they are actually good 1v1 practice tools, like, I get my ass kicked more by the bots than some of the human players I play against in Dominion/TDM
- overall makes you feel like you are a warrior fighting to the death against another, if you don't lag out or anything that is

- $60, not enough stuff for that much price, this is my biggest beef, like the only mode I play is 1v1, because that's the mode the game's combat is designed for and there aren't any interesting alternatives
- respawn timer, if you aren't good with the game/having lags, you ending up spending more time on your phone waiting for your character to come back to life than actually playing the game, overall just kills the enjoyment of the game, especially when you have a nice 1v1 going and all of a sudden someone comes and ganks your ass
- buffs around the map, kills the immersion of the awesome combat, too often when you are winning a fight the enemy just runs away, go to a health shrine/armor shrine, get buffed and come back to fight you, it's stupid really
- generally you don't feel like it's a $60 well spent given how little stuff there is, the combat here is the biggest selling point but you ending up just play 1v1 all day and eventually things gets boring after 2-3 hours. Especially if you are a casual player, this game is NOT for you, be prepared to spend hours training the different warriors if you want to get anywhere, this game is HARD, especially against competent players.

I've put in about 36 hours since release (I didn't bother with the beta) and I enjoy it. The matchmaking is worthless and the whole P2P thing is an awful (and insecure) idea, but aside from that it's not a bad game. The combat might be repetitive after a few hours, but then what isn't? The max-level bots are actual monsters (when they're not being stupid, but the same can be said of humans) so even singleplayer/PVE can give you a challenge.

The story is so-so and the premise is silly, but it DOES lay a bit of groundwork for the reason behind the multiplayer. TBH in the case of this game, you're not really there for the story. You're there to smack someone with a sword until they fall over and you can cut off their head. If you're not interested in the action part of this action game, don't get it. Also if you have delicate sensibilities, don't play multiplayer. The community is, as far as I can tell, all fourteen years old. Taking out three people who are all trying to kill you is SO SATISFYING. But then of course they start whining or ragequit and it takes a little away from the victory. See my comment about fourteen-year-olds.

Finally, I have no real concern about the microtransactions. I have a job so I can spend money on things if I feel like it. They're certainly not compulsory (contrary to what it looks like, it's not pay-to-win). It's almost all either cosmetic stuff or a shortcut to different options rather than grinding, but you can ignore that entirely and actually work your way to the unlocks. There is "gear" you can collect which CHANGES the stats for your character, but every single one has a drawback, so it's not like people with a gear score of 30 are BETTER than people with a gear score of 10, they're just different. The higher the level of gear, the bigger the differences. So a level 1 hilt might give you a small boost in attack but drop your defence a little, whereas a level 10 hilt will boost your attack a LOT but leave you with no defence at all. All the gear is random, too, so even buying packs you can't choose what kind you get, outside of whether it's armour or weapon parts. The higher the level of your character (e.g. the ones you play the most) get access to higher level items, but that's about the only difference. All this gear can be earned randomly by playing the game too. So yeah, the microtransactions are generally just shortcuts for lazy people.

TLDR: It's an entertaining action game with little to no historical accuracy, the multiplayer community is a bunch of {expletive deleted} and it's not worth what they're selling it for at the moment. Wait for a sale or something.

I think perhaps there was a misunderstanding between realism and historical accuracy. Is For Honor (I have to force myself to spell that wrong) realistic? Sure, I could imagine these things actually happening, for the most part. No-one has four arms or casts spells or anything (cosmetics notwithstanding). Is it historically accurate? Only in that the term "knight" or "samurai" are names of things from our history, and some of them used to use sharpened bits of metal to hit each other.

That said, the characters are definitely stylised. I suspect that's partly to do with the whole "this is what people think vikings and knights look like" and partly because it helps you figure out WTF they are when they suddenly appear in front of you swinging at your head. Being able to quickly see that it's Dude X is pretty helpful in knowing what they can do to wreck your day.
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