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Postby SYN_Blackrat » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:46 am

For you guys if you want to pursue the road racing side the MX-5 is a good place to start, the structure of Iracing is quite complicated but here is the schedule for the current season its currently at Okayama and from the 10th is back at Lime rock park, just be aware many tracks have different layouts so be sure to practice on the correct layout.

A tip though, do not try and race to win in the rookie races, just take it easy do not get any incident points and within four races you will have enough SP to get promoted to a D licence which is where you can race without too much fear of crash fests. The next road car you should get is the skip barber once in D licence, if you want to go open wheel, personally I prefer open wheel to saloon cars. The skippy is a big learning curve, but once you understand it drives on the throttle in corners as much as the steering you will stop spinning :wink:

Just a bit frustrating you are all joining just as I leave for a 2/3 week trip to Spain.

Do check out the Iracing forums, each car has its own forum section with lots of tips and hints. Pay attention to the FOV and how to calculate it, the further away from the monitor you sit the lower the FOV should be, I run at 60 degrees ATM. It seems too close at first and everything happens very quickly and you can't see your mirrors so save FPS and switch them off and use the virtual mirror for now at about 45 degrees. This is where triple screen really comes into its own in Iracing, no stretched side screens, custom three screen setup within the sim and you can see your mirrors on the outer screens.

So number one priority get out of Rookie series, you can all join the same practice server and run around together, use F3 to get the relative position in the black box on screen this helps you avoid pulling back onto the track in front of another car which is a big no no, even in practice.
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