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World of Tanks- Tank Code

Postby Ferdinand » Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:20 pm

You can get 1 russian premium tank, 1 garage place and 1 free day premium account by entering a code.

You get the code by doing following things:
1. Go to the following internet page: ... 95480.html
2. Click on the picture below the text
3. Fill in your email adress, the Code and make a hook at the check mark
4. Enter the Code on the wot homepage ( by clicking on your profile ( top right)
5. Then you have 1 T-127, one garage place and 1 free day premium.

When you sell the tank, you can get a new code, and do the same things again.
In total you can do this 10 time , then you have 10 garage places, 10 day premium account and 1,7 million credits ( by selling the tank)

NOTE: Always sell the russian premium tank before entering a new code. Otherwise you don´t get a new tank.
Also use a different e-mail adress for a new code. If you enter the same e-mail adress, you´ll get the same code.

If you still have question send me a PM
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