Enlistment request

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Enlistment request

Postby SPEKTRE76 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:35 am

Hello all,

I'd like to join this squad because I love the server for BoS. I like that you play expert only. My squad for IL-2:1946 also plays the same way. I own Rise of Flight ICE and Battle of Stalingrad PREM. My experience with flight sims started way back in FSX 2004. Then I graduated to Combat Flight Simulator 3. After that I was on hiatus until 2010. I then learned of War Thunder ans started playing that for about 2 years. I found out about IL-2:1946 and was hooked ever since. I gave my WT away to one of my sons friends. I then learned of the DCS series and Falcon BMS to which I have both.

I am team oriented pilot. My goal is to protect you and achieve the objective. Being a 'Glory Hound' is not my thing. Sure I love kills as much as the next guy but my priority is teamwork and mission execution. I wont say I'm the best pilot. In fact I have 1 online kill in RoF and 14 in BoS and 4 in IL2:46. I can dive bomb pretty well actually and conduct ground attack effectively. My favorite planes to fly in BoS are the Bf-109F-4, Fw-190A-3(Jabo), Ju-87B-2, Pe-2-100 and La-5-8.

The sims I currently have are:

Rise of Flight: Iron Cross Edition + St. Mithel (80% of aircraft owned).
IL-2:Battle of Stalingrad, Premium
IL-2: 1946 - HSFX, Expert, 4.12.2 + 7.0.3 + McK's MOD
DCS: A-10C
DCS:Flamming Cliffs 3
Falcon BMS 4.32

I am also a skinner and emblem restoration hobbyist. I have recreated over 140 already. I hope to see you around the hangar.

- Isaac
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Re: Enlistment request

Postby SYN_Jedders » Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:30 am

Hi Isaac, you know the drill. Jump on team speak and get to know the guys!
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