Aircraft Recognition and Sim

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Aircraft Recognition and Sim

Postby SYN_Saintblu » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:16 am

I found this discussion to be very interesting, and is perhaps something to think about.
I know there are different opinions on the matter, but there were a lot of good ideas put on the table in the linked thread.
It's talking about the use of aircraft identification assistance that would model more of a realistic appraoch in relation to the fact that we are still limited by monitors.
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Re: Aircraft Recognition and Sim

Postby SYN_Blackrat » Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:32 pm

I hope we do the same as we do in ROF, no icons and learn to ID before shooting :smile: the unrealistic instant zoom already helps immensely in spotting and ID.
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Re: Aircraft Recognition and Sim

Postby SYN_Ricky » Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:41 pm

I'm really too used to have no icons in multiplayer to step back, plus I always found the contact visibility i ROF to be good enough to be playable while still permitting to be undetected at times.

I still use icons sometimes when practising in single player when I just want to relax a bit. Also I tried some dogfights in DCS:P-51 and I really can't see sh... without icons :shock:
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Re: Aircraft Recognition and Sim

Postby SYN_Bandy » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:19 pm

The distant view in RoF is superb, and you can get a pretty good sense of what the aircraft ID is even when it is very small. I imagine it is similar in BoS, if not improved. You get better with practice as well. Try assigning your distant vision zoom function to the Z-axis of TrackIR, so that when you lean in towards the monitor your zoom works with head motion. It is more natural, and I think distinctly advantageous.

Flying RoF on Syn server with no icons, and then going to an icon server is literally jarring on the eyes and nerves. There is no opportunity to sneak up on people, they just have to casually look around and see distant icons, or look to the mini-map for a radar view.

It does not promote good situational awareness or other related skills, and you loose that sense that anything can happen any time, on-the-edge-of-your-seat excitement even though the nearest plane may be miles away BVR. After some time you get complacent, you start to be more casual with checking around, only then you get bounced! It doesn't take long for you to learn to keep checking, over and over and over... :???:
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Re: Aircraft Recognition and Sim

Postby SYN_Requiem » Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:04 pm

After reading through that thread I believe that a lot of those people have never flown RoF in multiplayer and are basing their thoughts on their IL-2 experience, which is not inherently bad of course, but the system in RoF is the most natural to use out of the sims I own (DCS, IL2, CLoD, and RoF) because icons are not required whatsoever to identify aircraft at a reasonable distance.

Like Bandy, I also hate flying RoF with icons on in MP because it eliminates the need for any situational awareness and makes bouncing people almost impossible. SA is too important a factor in a fight to be mitagated like this imo. I can forsee enjoying BoS very much without icons, but in IL-2 1946 SP however I prefer to fly with icons on, so go figure :razz: To me, it's because the system in 1946 necessitates the use of icons because its viewing system is crap compared to how RoF does it.

Anyway, once people consistently experience what it's like flying and fighting without icons in MP or SP they won't feel the need for icons. However, if I was going to be wanting any form of icons on, it would only be for friendlies within very close range (ie- inside 100m) of your own aircraft.
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