Coop Campaign proposal

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Coop Campaign proposal

Postby SYN_Vander » Mon May 25, 2020 6:51 pm

As much as I love our Sunday multiplayer battles I do miss the feeling of doing more realistic, diverse missions and having fun at the same time. Read: not getting shot down by a bunch of campers in uber planes all the time. Also an opportunity to train as a group in a more controlled environment :)

So here is a proposal for a Syndicate coop campaign that is not meant to replace our Sunday sessions, but to augment it:
-Starts at a fixed time, for instance Sunday afternoon 16:00 UTC or evening 19:00 UTC. Or any other time slot that fits for whoever is in.
-Be there on time and be prepared (or be a gunner).
-Will last a maximum of 1 hr, so probably only one mission. Starting on time is key or there will not be time to do other stuff.
-We will stick with one plane type per player. The idea is to learn your plane and it's tactics. So one (fighter)bomber and one fighter.
-Claim your kills at the end of the mission. The IL2 scoreboard will decide the outcome. Ground targets and assists will also be noted. Totals will be kept on Discord/google sheet.
-Campaign duration probably 8 to 10 missions, auto-generated. Airfields may move with the lines depending on (historical) date (but it is not a dynamic campaign where we have manage resources etc).
-We don't need a fixed number of players, anything from 2 players or more will work as AI will fill in. Of course it will affect your score board if you don't show :).

So are you interested?

If yes: Any preference for a particular front and or aircraft types? Kuban or Rhineland are the best looking maps. Rhineland has my preference because there is more variety in fronts/battles. Flying Circus will be a bit repetitive I fear, but is also possible.
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Coop Campaign proposal

Postby SYN_Ricky » Tue May 26, 2020 5:57 am

I'm interested, I liked that I-16 campaign we started a while ago!

Rhineland would be my choice for the setting.

Sunday night would be ok for me, but I see that I'm usually online later than the rest of you guys, so let's see

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Re: Coop Campaign proposal

Postby SYN_Jedders » Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:24 am

Im in
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