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Band of Brothers German style, with beer und sausage!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:37 pm
by SYN_Bandy
Scanned to PDF this excellent chapter on the invasion of Crete by Fallschrimjager.

Perhaps this information can be used to turn Vanders really fine 'historic' Arma island map into one of those ongoing dynamic campaigns that we know and love, at least until Post Scriptum comes along...

Thoughts? I'd like to assist in any way possible

Re: Band of Brothers German style, with beer und sausage!

PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:12 pm
by SYN_Vander
Thanks Bandy! Will defo look through this. So you want us to choose the dark side eh? :grin: Of course, they do have the sexier weapons and smarter uniforms etc. :lol:

Re: Band of Brothers German style, with beer und sausage!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:05 am
by SYN_Bandy
I suppose we would have to play Fallschirmjäger in that sort of campaign structure because they are the invaders. That's too bad. But I suppose we could play as Cretan partisans against the occupation. Many Commonwealth troops did not make it to the evacuation and ended up fighting with the resistance, so options available.

But the Tommies get the Bren gun carriers and piats, though we would have no tanks. Don't think Matildas were there, but armored cars likely.

Not always the best equipment, see below. And an interesting deficiency to role play on landing, we would have to fight and then find most of our equipment in scattered containers...
The worst parachutes used by a major power were those of the Germans which were based on the Italian "Salvatore" design. The German RZ (RUCKENPACKUNG ZWANGAUSLOSUNG or, rucksack packed to open) series of chutes (primarily the RZ-16 and the RZ-20) had a single strap between the back of the body harness and the chute. This resulted in a face-down position which required knee and elbow pads and a forward roll upon landing. This landing position led to many landing injuries. To allow for proper deployment, the paratrooper had to leap forward in a straight body dive when Jumping. Control during the descent was almost impossible except for a superbly trained and agile trooper and even then little control was possible. The forward roll landing also kept the parachutist from carrying much equipment on his body. Except for pistols, grenades and the occasional submachine-gun, German paratroopers had to rely on containers for their main combat equipment. The chute was attached to the harness with four clips which, like the American chute, were difficult to undo when under fire or when the trooper was being wind dragged. The Germans issued each Fallschirmjaeger with a gravity knife to cut the rigging in an emergency. The opening shock of this canopy first parachute was also very harsh but the chute would fully deploy in under 40 meters which meant a lower drop altitude and less time dangling helplessly in the air. By the Crete invasion, the Germans deployed various colored parachute canopies for camouflage and to aid in the identification of commanders and/or containers.

The Germans produced the widest range of special and modified items for their Airborne troops. The most famous item was the FG-42, a gas operated semi-automatic rifle made only for the Airborne. Only about 10,000 were made. It was an advanced design that fired full automatic from an open bolt - for cooling - and semi-automatic from a closed bolt - for accuracy. The weapon had a small bipod and fed from a 20 round magazine on the left side. It weighed nearly ten pounds fully loaded. It fired the full size 7.92 MM military round which was really too powerful for the weapon. Even with a bipod it was difficult to control when fired on full automatic. The standard MP 38 and MP 40 submachine-guns and bolt action Mausers were used by most paratroopers.

So there were a few tanks...
At Maleme airfield, blast pens were built for the aircraft, and barrels full of petrol were kept ready to be ignited by machine-gun fire. Around each ground, a few field guns, anti-aircraft guns, two infantry tanks [apparently Matildas] and two or three light tanks were sited. The three areas were made into independent sectors, but there were only eight QF 3-inch and twenty Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft guns

Re: Band of Brothers German style, with beer und sausage!

PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:47 pm
by SYN_Vander
We'll run the mission in 15-30 min for anyone who is interested!