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Re: So..anyone pledged allegiance yet?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:25 pm
by SYN_Per
SYN_Cygann wrote:Like I said mate, did not want to say how you should play your game, just saying power play content for me makes sense only if there are players trying to stop me from doing it. Doing it solo would be just another repetitive grind task, and I had enough of that in this game.

That´s why I haven´t pledged to any of the Powers yet.
I have played in open since beta and untill a couple of months ago, that´s where I started, but then the serial interdicters started showing and it just got tedious to get from a to b without having to shoot some pewpew lad up. I´m getting older and I have been playing against humans in PvP combat flight sims for over 20 years. I´m just a bit jaded by the epeen bs and "my way of playing is more better and tougher than your carebear crew" crap. I´m just a bit tired with that whole debate. Hence: "Each to his own".
I do agree that PP is a way of making Elite more interesting for the PvP Group. I just look upon it like a backdrop to my own Little space opera. I have no interest right now in competing with other players. I just want to enjoy myself, not go to work. :smile:

Re: So..anyone pledged allegiance yet?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:42 pm
by SYN_Cygann
Well if you did not pledge and don't plan on it, then PP don't really do anything for you.

I think this topic was to get those that did pledge to see who can team up with whom unless I misread OP intentions.

Either way, anyone loyal to liquid terminator can seek me up for some power play.