Naval Action: 3 patch Roadmap

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Naval Action: 3 patch Roadmap

Postby SYN_Bandy » Fri Aug 28, 2015 12:12 pm

This game has fallen off the radar of late, at least for me, but...

Patch 7: We hope to deliver the patch next week.

It will include:
Crafting and new resources
Player purchase orders
AI improvements
Spawn in battle improvements
Temp map update
Damage model tuning (gun loss and fires)
Boarding and crew recovery fixes

Pre-poor battle mechanics

Spawn protection fleets will be disabled and replaced by defensive fleets. Any player attacked near the capital will receive massive fleet support if attacked within a certain radius from the Capital, Regional Capital,Spawn city.
Reinforcements: In addition to current roaming NPC privateers, players fighting at a disadvantage near their national ports can receive reinforcements up to the size of difference with the attacking force. Creating protective zones by capturing ports will provide advantages for nations. Sweden will start in the worst possible position as they only have 1 port

Player controlled fleets will be back for additional AI and commands testing.
We plan to tune the balance and ship performance this patch. We are still accepting suggestions in this topic

With addition of new features UI will continue to deteriorate, but we will keep staying on the old UI until all core features are back.

Patch 8:
Basic clan/guild functionality.
Progression changes
Port battles/Events

Patch 9:
Damage model fixes
Sailing/Turning finalization
Lest we forget...
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Re: Naval Action: 3 patch Roadmap

Postby SYN_Vander » Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:52 pm

We should definitely get back in, although I have to admit I haven't played it since the " Open World" update! Let's schedule a date and muck about in open water!
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