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Knights of the Sea!

Postby cubancoverunner » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:11 pm

Salute Syndicate Squadron! As many of you know, I've been hosting the great Vintage Mission Sundays over on my new server, and wanted to reach out to you guys and see what would be required to run a Knights of the Sea event. I've read through the posts from the previous event but was unclear if there were any really big technical issues that would need to be addressed. My thinking was to run it in as "simple" a form as possible to minimize glitches or potential problems. I'm currently in possession of "VM - Knights of the Sea v2.0", but I need input from you guys if these mission files would work or does it need to be mods on for the Tirpitz Battery, drifter ships, etc. Not so much wanting to re-invent the wheel (especially as I have no mission editing experience ;) ) just wanted to ask you guys if there was a somewhat "stable" version of this amazing campaign and clarification for what it would take to make it happen. I really think it would be a great event for the community, so far we are getting encouraging numbers with the VM Sundays! :) Thanks all in advance S!
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