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Vintage Mission Sunday!

Postby cubancoverunner » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:52 am

Salute gentlemen! This week's Sunday Vintage Mission will see us in the La Vesle River region of France, NW of Reims - Summer 1917.
This a bomber offensive map, no recons necessary to activate targets, just full ahead and blow up the strategic targets on the map.
Heavy bombers will have to destroy enemy depots to prepare for the upcoming offensive. The more targets they can destroy, the better they will be prepared for the following battle. The first side that destroys all targets will have won this "bomber offensive"

We have run this mission before with no bugs or glitches (touching wood), and we are hoping to stress test the new server so all pilots are encouraged to dust off their flying kit, visit the mess for a bit of liquid breakfast and take to the skies over France to test their meddle.
We saw some fierce action in this sector last go around, and Entente was victorious. Rumor has it Richthofen's Circus has recently been sighted by some of the French escadrilles, with terrible results. Let's see what happens this Sunday! Good luck all, see you in the air!

Also, the stats are back up, due entirely to the tireless efforts of J2_SteveF! Go to: and register if you care to track your stats on Vintage Mission Sundays!
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