Vintage Mission Sunday - Aug 27 - Lens 1918

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Vintage Mission Sunday - Aug 27 - Lens 1918

Postby cubancoverunner » Thu Aug 24, 2017 10:00 pm

Salute gentlemen! This weeks Sunday Vintage Mission will put us into the area of operations over Lens - June 1918.

This mission is unique in a couple of ways.

1. There is only 1 photo recon for each side, you must take the recon plane with a camera to complete the mission,

however you will NOT get the camera icon, either at mission start or over target. Instead, you will get subtitles

which direct you what to do. It is a rather large area that requires 2 full circuits to complete. Down and back is

considered 1 full circuit. Also *VERY IMPORTANT* the recon plane must land at the same aerodrome where it left

from, it will NOT count to land at any other friendly active aerodrome.

2. The Artillery Spotter mission must be done with the arty spot aircraft with a radio. You must stay in the area

marked on the map for 5-6 minutes to conduct the spot. If you leave the area, it will pick up where you left off

when you re-enter the zone. Subtitles will inform you of the progress.

3. Subtitles of recon and arty missions will be visible to each respective side, but not the enemy side. This

allows better coordination of fighters with the two seaters for those who aren't on same teamspeak or have no comms.

Bombing: Targets are marked on the map and can be destroyed any time.

Observation balloons will fire two red flares when they see enemy aircraft approaching.

Weather report: A Northern wind is blowing at 3-4 m/s. Medium clouds at 1200m.

It also features an interesting plane set as follows:

Entente- Se5 -unlimited
Dolphin -unlimited
Camel - 12x
RE8 - 9x
DH4 - 6x

Central- DVa - unlimited
Pfalz DXII - 12x
DR1 - 12x
DVII - 10x
DIII - 12x
DFW - 9x
Halberstadt CLII 200hp - 6x

For those who still have an appetite for action after Black Sept. on Saturday, it should prove to be an interesting

Sunday :) Good luck S!

Start time: 1900GMT


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